N&N Nadratowski

N&N Nadratowski Food Processing Equipment established in 2001 is a modern high-tech food machinery manufacturing company based in Bielsk, Poland. Since their inception, theyhave been putting  a great emphasis on quality and also giving a personal approach to each and every customer, this philosophy is reflected in our year long cooperation that have helped us to satisfy many customer requirements.

N&N Nadratowski's  narrow area of specialisation, flexibility and attention to detail in the manufacturing of their products have helped us gain hundreds of satisfied customers, as well as become one of the leading mixer manufacturers in the world.

N&N Nadratowski Food Processing Equipment have over the years become one of the most recognised mixing machines manufacturers in the world. They are totally focused on the continuous development of existing products and new product ideas, which will enable the company to achieve the position of worldwide leader within the food machinery sector.