N&N Paddlemixer MIX─450

The N&N paddle mixer is indispensable in almost every production process. The double paddle mixer direction ensures an optimal mixing ratio for your product. A wide variety of products can be mixed with the mixer. 

Salads, meat products, vegetables, fish and even types of dough can be mixed with great consistency. The N&N paddle mixer is standard equipped with 2 speeds. In addition there is also the possibility of implementing a digital controller, making it possible to program multiple cycles in advance and allows you to adjust the speed with great precision. 

The paddles can turn both left and right and are designed to push the product towards the machine's output.

Model in stock:
MIX-450F - Digital control & frequency control.
MIX-450F - Digital control, frequency control & Easyclean


N&N Nadratowski
450 L
Installed Power
4,5 kW
Standard control
Button control panel
Mixingspeed 24/48 rpm
Mixing direction
556 kg
Opening / closing lids
Dimensions excl. lift (LxWxH)
1970 x 1000 x 2250 mm
Dimensions incl. lift (LxWxH)
1970 x 1900 x 2510 mm
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