N&N PaddlemixerMIX-900E Incl. Loadingcolumn (Build: 2009 Fully Refurbished)

The MIX-Series Paddle Mixers are the most universal type of mixers on the market, able to mix most types of products gently, effectively and quickly, regardless of viscosity.

Suitable for fillings and meat, poultry and fish, vegetables, fruit, grain mixes, dairy products and animal feed.

The mixing process consists of two interlocking paddle shafts. Mixing is done by turning both shafts in opposite directions, clockwise or counterclockwise, at the same preset speed.

The large ejector valve on the underside of the mixing bowl and a minimum space between the paddles and the bowl ensure a very short ejection time.


  • Equipped with clear button operation
  • Fitted with Easy Clean system for quick and easy cleaning of the bowl and mixing arms without the use of extra tools
  • With Loadingcolumn for easy filling of the machine


900 Liter
Mixing speed
16/32 RPM
Installed Power
11,0 kW
Standard control
Button control panel
Mixing direction
1100 kg
Opening / closing lids
Dimensions incl. lift
2210 x 2000 x 2710 mm
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