N&N Z-Arm Mixer MIX─500ZV

The double mixer ensures an optimal mixing ratio for your product. A closed lid and insulated tub walls make it possible to run up to 98% vacuum. 

Producing under vacuum improves the curing of product, protein extraction and makes control of the pre-mix density possible. A wide variety of products can be mixed in a delicate but efficient way. 

The mixer is suitable for salads, meat products and different types of dough. The ability to tilt the tub allows it to be quickly and easily emptied directly into the standard wagons after mixing to keep the production process as streamlined as possible. 

An easy-to-use touchscreen screen offers the possibility to pre-program up to 100 different programs of up to 5 adjustable steps. This way you can quickly switch between producing different products. There is also the possibility for an attached lift.


500 Liter
Mixing speed
4-40 RPM
Installed Power
13,5 kW
Standard control
Touchscreen PLC and HMI
Variable speed
Opening/closing lids
Dimensions excl. lift (LxWxH)
2150 x 1100 x 2850 mm
Dimensions incl. lift (LxWxH)
2150 x 1400 x 2850 mm
1500 kg
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