Havantec introduces its new PL-600 (schnitzel) flattener

The Havantec PL-600 is the latest addition to our own range of production machines. Flattening your product brings many advantages and ensures that the meat remains tender and ready for possible further processing.

The PL-600 is suitable for the processing of steak, schnitzel, cordon-blue, turkey, chicken breast and fish, both fresh and frozen.

By flattening, you ensure that the preparation time of the entire product is equal, that baking time is reduced, that the product is prepared for further processing or to enlarge the product. Surface enlargement and a uniform appearance make products visually more attractive. Equal and shorter cooking times also result in less weight loss.

After the product is fed to the PL-600 manually or via a conveyor belt, two parallel conveyor belts ensure that the product is flattened to the desired thickness. The product thickness can be easily and seamlessly adjusted by means of a handwheel.

The belts are kept moist to avoid sticking and damaging the product. Underneath the belt, a drain tray ensures that the workplace remains hygienic and clean.