Havantec Flattener PL-600

Various meat products, such as schnitzels, are flattened as standard during production.

But there are several other good reasons for using flattening in the preparation of other food products as well.

Flattening promotes the tenderness and juiciness of a product and the massaging effect ensures that a product becomes more supple. This results in increased and faster brine or marinade absorption.

Other advantages of flattening are a shorter cooking time of a product, which therefore loses less weight. In addition, a flattener ensures a uniform and visually attractive end product.

After the product is sent to the PL-600 by hand or by means of a conveyor belt, two parallel belts ensure that the product is flattened to the desired thickness. The product thickness can be easily and infinitely adjusted by means of a handwheel.

The PL-600 is designed so that the belt and all caps can be removed easily and without additional tools for quick and efficient cleaning.

Features PL-600

  • Precisely adjustable
  • Preservation of good taste, no loss of moisture
  • High capacity due to the possibility of two product lines
  • Fully automatic
  • Stainless steel machine: easy to clean, hygienic design
  • 600 mm belt width. Other widths available on request.


Conveyor width
600 mm
400V, 1,2Kw
580 Kg
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