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Havantec & Pure Ingredients: a successful partnership

Havantec and Pure Ingredients have been working together for over 15 years. In the meantime Pure Ingredients has a wide range of machines and installations from Havantec. From hygiene sluices and boot dryers to standard car elevators and complete mixin

Deliva: High-Level Cutting

Over the years Deliva has approached Havantec in Oirschot for various purposes and nowadays machines and products from Havantec can be found in various places in the production processes. 

√Ėztas D√∂nerproduktion

Crate washer that is also suitable for the cleaning of Eurobins. Battery-powered meatbin tipper. Work tables made according to specifications. Öztas Dönerproduktion is not an average production company. Tailor-made at its finest!

Complete Production Facility: Zweistra Vlees & Vleeswaren

"Both our strengths lie in tailor-made solutions! If Havantec does not have a desired machine on stock, they will arrange it through a relationship. We have experienced that ourselves!"

Customization: Standardisation line

two N&N 1500 liter mixers are equipped with load cells and operate on one centralized control system. The mixers are mirrored images of eachother, efficiently set up to maximize the use of your productionspace.

Effective hygiene solution by Havantec and T. Boer & zn

T. Boer & zn, a supplier of veal, is constantly looking to the future and identified the need for a new hygiene sluice. The Oirschot-based company Havantec Food Equipment custom-made the right – and innovative – solution.