N&N Ribonmixer RM-600

The RM-600 consists of a U-shaped horizontal tub and specially designed double ribbon mixing arm inside. The design is based on a proven construction that ensures fast, efficient mixing. 

The dimensions and configuration of the ribbons are carefully balanced to provide a movement of material in the tub and give a quick product discharge. For delicate but effective mixing of all types of dry products, such as herbs, ingredients, powders, salads and more. 

The RM-600 ensures rapid emptying of the tub. The design also ensures that a minimum of residual product remains. Equipped with Touch screen for user-friendly operation. 

The software makes it possible to create and save mixing programs, with values that can be set such as mixing time, vacuum, speed and possibly temperature.


600 Liter
Mixing speed
14-28 RPM
Installed Power
7,5 kW
Standard control
Touchscreen PLC and HMI
Mixing direction
940 kg
Opening / closing lids
Dimensions excl. lift (LxWxH)
2250 x 830 x 1850 mm
Dimensions incl. lift (LxWxH)
2250 x 830 x 2450 mm
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