Lakidis Vacuum Tumbler TBL-90

The Lakidis TBL-90 tumbler is designed and developed for massaging meat, marinating grill products, mixing salads or sauces and softening fish products.

The compact design can be used for small industries.
Small production sizes with an emphasis on quality.  

Use the TBL-90 to easily and quickly tumble, ripen, mix, season or marinate your products. When the desired process is complete, the tumbler is easily emptied as it automatically deflates.

The drum can be angled for optimal mixing results at the touch of a button.

The TBL-90 has a digital control with the possibility to pre-program your recipes. The ability to rotate both left and right ensures an optimal mixing ratio of your product.


90 Liter
220V, 50 Hz 0,12kW
Vacuum pump
4,1 m³/u
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