Metalbud Nowicki introduces new Microcutter KR-45 & 90

The Nowicki KR-45 & 90 are designed for very fine cutting and grinding of raw materials. A microcutter is ideal for the production of fine emulsions of meat or for the production of soups, sauces and baby food.

The machine is mainly intended for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

Outfitted with a double knife head it ensures fast and thorough processing of your product, while keeping temperature rises to a minimum.

Due to the design of the knives, the machine can also run dry without any problems, there is no need to sharpen or adjust the knives and the (dis)assembly during maintenance is extremely easy.

Metalbud NOWICKI is a modern company and manufacturer of almost 20 different machine lines, consisting of almost 150 models, for meat and food processing. Thanks to their team of experienced specialists, it is possible to respond to the constantly changing needs within the food industry.

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Technical SpecificationsKR 45

KR   90

Total installed power65 kW
90 kW
Volume hopper150 L
200 L  
Noise level during work
55 dB
70 dB
Supply voltage and frequency
400V/3 ph/50Hz
400V/3   ph/50Hz
Index of protection
IP 65
IP 65
Weight850 Kg
1080 Kg