Mobile hygiene sluice for higer infection protection

Today, hygiene is one of the highest priorities in our society.

Havantec Hygiene Solutions is your partner for all hygiene solutions within your organization.

Offer your visitors in public areas, your guests at events and your employees the best possible protection against viruses, such as Covid-19, with Itec's mobile hygiene stations. Equipped with body temperature scan, mouth mask scan and hand disinfection.

Why choose a mobile hygiene station?

  • Flexible in use
  • Can be used in many situations
  • Easy to move

Two versions:

The Clean Guard mobile hygiene sluice is flexibly deployable in the food industry, but also outside it at, for example, airports, train stations, events, museums and other public buildings.

Clean Guard offers non-contact measurement of body temperature and hand disinfection after which access release is made possible by a motorized 3-arm turnstile through the ITEC Inlet Control type 23740.

The Clean Perfect mobile hygiene station additionally enables the control of the wearing of a mouth mask.

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