Nowicki Vacuum Cutter ready for customer

This week we were able to prepare a special machine for transport to a valued customer in Essen, Belgium.

The KN-200V Nowicki Vacuum Bowlcutter.

They are currently in the process of completely renewing their production area and as soon as this renovation is finished they can immediately start working with the KN-200V to support the production process!

For an even more precise processing, our vacuum bowlcutters enable you to chop, mix or grind products under vacuum.

Production under vacuum

Production under vacuum offers several advantages such as: Higher protein digestion, better binding of the meat, optimized shelf life due to reduced oxidation and longer colour retention. Thanks to the digital control, up to 40 unique programs can be set up.

Everything can be set as desired

- Cutting speed
- Scale rotation speed
- Discharge rotating speed
- Process duration

Havantec offers the possibility to test machines extensively. Here with us but this can also be done at your location. In addition, we will assist you if you wish to make use of alternative financing options.

In addition to bowlcutters, we have everything you need for your production process. Havantec also offers a wide range of hygienic facilities, internal transport, stainless steel equipment and ergonomic solutions.

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