Your used machines are worth money!

Do you have machines that need to be replaced, are no longer in use or do you want to upgrade your production process? Then exchange your old machines and benefit from an extra advantage when purchasing your new production machines!  

How it works

Send us pictures of your exchangeable machines. This can be anything. From production machines to hygiene equipment, and from internal transport to tippers or standard truck lifts. Of course you can also trade in several machines at the same time for an extra big advantage. After your machinery has been valued, you will receive an immediate discount on your new purchase. Please keep in mind that the final valuation has to take place at our premises or on location and that prices per day can fluctuate.

Wondering what your old machines are still worth? Request a price indication by e-mail!

Send us an e-mail to with the necessary information and we will send you an indication of the current trade-in value of your old machines!

All you need to do is mention this information in your mail:

  • Your name and telephone number
  • Pictures of all views of the machine and if possible a picture of the type plate
  • Any known defects must be reported.