Andries Zweistra's eyes shine when he talks about "his" machines. "I am a little crazy about machines," he laughs. "For the size of our company, we have a powerful machine park. With this we can effortlessly transfer to the future. Every step we have taken over the years, we have invested in high-tech machines from renowned brands. In 2006 we came into contact with Havantec Food Equipment from Oirschot. I knew the company through my brother Henk, who had previously been dealing with them at another meat processing company. "Andries continues:" Two years ago we had an acute problem with our mixer and meat grinder. We contacted Havantec with the question if she wanted to think about a solution. The next day there was a new Wolf (meat grinder) and mixer! ”


Account manager Patrick Sulèr has been the point of contact for Andries since the start of the collaboration: “We have a good click.” Patrick confirms the great collaboration. “I come to different customers and see what happens, including what is needed for new construction. I was happy to think along with solutions for Zweistra. For Leerdam we have supplied production machines such as an injector, tumbler and flaker. In addition, drainage technology and stainless steel company cleaning have been installed. In collaboration with our partner PHT-Benelux, we have also been able to provide the entire building with low-pressure foam cleaning. ”“ Don't forget the smoking cabinet, ”adds Andries. “We wanted a second smoking cabinet. A used cupboard from the brand that we have always worked with was not found in the Netherlands. My brother found a copy in Bulgaria via the internet. I called Patrick, who, to my surprise, could tell me immediately that they were familiar with the machine dealer. The smoking room was in our building within two weeks ”. Patrick laughs: "That's right, we have many lines all over the world, that is worth gold!"


Andries and Patrick share a common passion for the profession. "Our strength is both tailor-made", Andries emphasizes. “A customer recently asked us to deliver a new flavor of meat products for abroad. Then we switch quickly, prepare the recipe, test it, Monieka arranges the qualitative part, and we ensure that we meet our agreements. Havantec does this in the field of machinery. If they do not have a desired machine at home, they will arrange it via a relationship. We have experienced that ourselves. ”Patrick confirms that Havantec is strong in facilitating. “We take care of the machines and that people can work with them. They are fairly easy to use, but should there be a question, we will immediately call on the manufacturer. For me, the profession certainly doesn't only consist of selling, aftercare is even more important. ”

 "You do that well, as a person and as a company," concludes Andries. “As a supplier, you always have to prove yourself first in a partnership. Show how flexible you are, how you solve problems or questions. And it must also click on a personal level. We are a maker where flexibility is of paramount importance. We want to be able to switch quickly and continue. When the machines do their work, everyone is happy. "