Deliva was founded in 1991. The company located in Genk (Belgium) has grown into a renowned production unit (10.000 m2) for soups, sauces, vacuum cooked meals and meal components. Because knowledge, just like a tasty meal, is better when it is shared, Deliva markets the complete concept of vacuum cooking. This is done by offering a turnkey package, from infrastructure to commercialization. The client is guided and supported step by step to develop into a full-fledged preparer of vacuum meals. 

Over the years Deliva has approached Havantec in Oirschot for various purposes and nowadays machines and products from Havantec can be found in various places in the production processes. Think of Nowicki's bowlcutters for cutting ingredients, 

Thanks to its cutting and mixing capacity, the Nowicki bowlcutter is the perfect machine to process products into a homogeneous mass. Effectively cut, mix and emulsify meat, fish, vegetables, confectionery, chocolate, marzipan, nuts, cheese and fruits in a single process.

In addition, Deliva also uses Deighton's forming machines for forming products and N&N's transport equipment and column loaders for transport within the production areas.

The first contact with Havantec arose with the purchase of a second-hand slicer from Berkel on the internet. A large offer of used machines and the possibility to exchange machines are important reasons for Deliva to choose for Havantec. If Havantec doesn't have a machine in stock they will always think along with you and look for a good and quick solution. 

‘’A big challenge in which Havantec assisted us was to create a large custom-made conveyor belt. The conveyor had to automatically transport trays with dishes to our rinsing kitchen. Then the whole belt also had to be lifted to the second floor''. - Roberto Morelli, Deliva


Short delivery times and a fair price are real strengths of Havantec. The good and fast service is the reason that Deliva has always returned to Havantec. In addition, Account Manager Patrick Sulèr is a pleasant person to deal with and always helpful in the search for solutions. 

''Deliva recommends Havantec and its products to other companies and clients. Havantec is able to offer both new and used machines of good quality at a correct and fair price. You know where you stand and Patrick always thinks along with you to realize your goals.'' Says, Roberto Morelli. 

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