Customization: Standardisation line

The installation of two adapted mixers and the care of this complete line at one of the Netherlands' largest meat processors is a perfect example of this.

The two N&N 1500 liter mixers are equipped with load cells and operate on one centralized control system. This ensures that both mixers can be perfectly adjusted to each other via programs that can be adjusted to your own needs.

Because the mixers face each other, one of the mixers is completely mirrored. As a result, the outputs of both mixers end up on the same conveyor belt and optimum use can be made of the space. The outgoing product is delivered via a conveyor belt into crates that can then be weighed individually.

Because the supply of product runs through a high-hanging gutter, no lifts are needed and a lot of space is saved here too. An elevation with safety gates has been placed behind the mixers. Hygiene is an important aspect in the food industry and therefore an efficient cleaning method was considered. This results in a fence that can be folded down when the machines are not running. This way, cleaning can be arranged clearly from the increase.

Patrick Sulèr, our experienced sales consultant, has been able to translate their wishes into this unique installation in close collaboration with the customer.

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