Öztas Dönerproduktion

Öztas vleeshandel was founded in 1994 and specialises in the production of Döner kebab.

Today Öztas is located in Moers, Germany. The building is 3500m2 with a team of 350+ employees who guarantee the processing of high quality veal, beef and poultry on a daily basis by means of strict quality control. All this completely halal and under strict hygienic conditions. Öztas' high quality meat products are supplied throughout Europe, from the Netherlands to Italy and from Germany to Spain.

Andreas Klings, Managing Director at Öztas took us on a tour of their production facilities.


How did you end up contacting Havantec?

The relationship with Havantec has existed for a long time! I started at Öztas in January 2013 and Hans came to visited us on a regular basis. Havantec's various production machines and business equipment can be found throughout our premises.  

Which of our machines do you have?

Meatbin tippers (Backsavers), Meatbin/crate washer, sinks, desks and work tables.

Hygiene is central to us. The meatbin and crate washing machine combination was therefore a distinctive project. Because crate washing machines have a seperate entrance and exit, the throughput capacity is usually high. We also wanted to achieve this in the cleaning process of our meatbins.

"Because we were already familiar with Havantec, I naturally also explained the problem to them. Havantec was actually the only one who could offer a suitable solution to the problem." Tells Andreas. "In close consultation, we came up with a design that was desired by us and Havantec was then able to realise it to the full 100%.

"I myself am also very pleased with the contact during the purchase of the meatbin tippers on battery", adds Andreas. "We had been looking for a cordless tilter for some time. The tilters that we had had until then caused irritation among our colleagues. The power cable was often in the way and was a stumbling hazard."

There were also a number of specific wishes.  The desired changes were made immediately in order to make the machine ready for operation according to our expectations.


Why did you choose Havantec?

"Havantec often thinks along with you in finding solutions, as well as with our desire to have a crate and meatbin washing machine in one. They have really consulted with us to see what our wishes are, if there is no needs that were being overlooked and how all of this can be implemented in practice. “

How did you experience the contact person?

"The contact is always friendly and we understand each other well. Hans listens to our wishes, knows the ins and outs and the entire Havantec team is open and honest about (im)possibilities. We always think along with you to find solutions that fit seamlessly into our production process and perfectly support our production."