Swift innovation in Homeko's production process

Homeko's production was hampered by an outdated mixer that no longer worked properly and no longer met today's safety requirements. It was urgent time for renewal! Homeko came to Havantec because they already experienced the speed and solution-oriented cooperation in the past.

After analyzing the current production needs and requirements, it quickly became apparent that Homeko was not looking for complexity, but rather to preserve the essential mixing process. Ease of use and simplicity were combined with the latest safety standards to prevent incidents.

With short lines of communication and a wide range of machines in stock, the brand new mixer was delivered and operational within a week. The old machine was traded in during this process, leaving the production space free and Homeko no longer had to concern itself with selling the machine.

Homeko is extremely pleased with their new, powerful N&N mixer, which allows them to mix faster and more efficiently. Thanks to the quality of the mixer, their production capacity has also increased significantly. Moreover, they now rely even more on Havantec's excellent service and put more issues concerning their production process and hygiene in our hands.