The future of ready-made meals

Uitgekookt was born from the Van Marle family's passion for good and healthy food. The family began growing and selling vegetables in 1830 and later started a progressive vegetable store that was the first to sell ready-to-eat vegetables (washed and sliced). Nearly two centuries later, Uitgekookt is today's innovative meal service.

With a focus on personalization and an optimal customer experience, Uitgekookt wants to become the preferred solution for the whole of the Netherlands when cooking for yourself is not possible.

With passion they work on their mission: to make the Netherlands eat healthier. They do this by delivering delicious and healthy meals chilled to your home. The consumer only has to reheat the meals. "This is how we make it very easy to eat healthy."

Uitgekookt cooks many different types of meals daily with a multitude of components. These include products such as: rice dishes, stews, vegetable mixes, sauces, and various potato toppings. These components are put together in the kitchen to create full-fledged fresh and ready-to-eat meals.

The challenge for Uitgekookt

The Uitgekookt menu consists of different meals with varying combinations of ingredients that can vary in texture, shape and weight. Together, the different combinations of ingredients make up the different meals on the weekly menu.

Due to the growth that Uitgekookt is experiencing and the expected future developments, the volume in meals is increasing. Therefore, Uitgekookt started looking for a solution where the quality of the meals is guaranteed or even improved even with increasing capacity. Ergonomics for the kitchen team also plays an important role in this challenge.

At Uitgekookt, open communication, honesty and keeping agreements are central to parnerships. At Havantec we see this reflected in our core values, looking beyond specific machines and really striving for the best solutions for our clients' production process.

The early stages of the partnership

"The contact I had with Cas from the beginning was without a doubt pleasant and smooth. I like that, not too much fuss and long phases but to-the-point, clear and open." Says Fernando, chief concept & product development officer at Uitgekookt.

Initially the issue was put down to Cas by phone, then a number of counter-questions were asked and the same afternoon a first feedback including advice was emailed. From there we proceeded to determine a follow-up.

The preliminary questions about the tests in combination with product preferences were nicely answered. As a result a plan was made by Uitgekookt about the products to be tested and submitted to Havantec.

Once we arrived in Oirschot we received a nice welcome, a cup of coffee and a tour before we entered the test room. Once there we became interested in a different volume mixer than was ready, this was installed without any difficulty and the test could begin. All this concludes in a very positive experience.

Parnership and future between Uitgekookt and Havantec

Uitgekookt has indicated to be very satisfied with the mixer delivered and the service provided by Havantec. So far, the cooperation has given a good insight into the possibilities Havantec has to offer to Uitgekookt. About the beginning of the cooperation and thus the delivery of Havantec's first mixer and meatbinlift, they are very positive.

The installation and service around it went great. A short delivery time in this case and thus a smooth delivery to our location. Everything was neatly put in place including an extra extensive explanation to the kitchen team of Uitgekookt with all the possibilities of the machine.

The new mixer ensures that work is done efficiently and the quality for the consumer does not decrease with an increase in capacity. This ensures that even more people can enjoy Uitgekookt's delicious and healthy meals.   

"From the beginning it was pleasant, smooth and reliable for me. As I mentioned, I like that. To this day, the situation has not changed. If everything continues to run so smoothly and we are served nicely on the wishes we have, I don't rule out Havantec's involvement in supplying such machines as well during further growth of Uitgekookt." - Fernando Postma, chief concept & product development officer at Uitgekookt. (right on the picture)