PolarPack's improved cleaning process

PolarPack is a specialist in the packaging of frozen products. Products arrive in crates, boxes or octabins and are transformed into consumer products by advanced packaging lines. Recent years have seen significant growth for PolarPack, with their processes becoming not only more efficient, but also more professional, thanks to Havantec's continuous support and implementation of appropriate solutions. 

The production process makes extensive use of crates and the necessary machines, including several multiheads. The cleaning process of these crates and machine parts previously required considerable time and effort. Thanks to close consultation with Cas Voets, Sales Manager Hygiene, an innovative and time-saving solution was sought. After thorough discussions and extensive tests, the choice fell on an industrial dishwasher from Winterhalter, which not only saves up to 80% time, but also delivers unparalleled cleaning results. Thanks to Winterhalter's quick delivery, PolarPack was able to be operational immediately, giving them a quick return on their investment.